Introducing BRIEF’D – a live design class that will teach you user interface design, push you creatively, fuel your inspiration, and add to your portfolio.

Real talk – you learn by doing. You can listen to people teach you UI design all day but if you’re not taking the time to practice it yourself, you’re not really growing to your full potential. You also learn by showing your work and having conversation and gathering feedback. In this class, not only will you get design briefs that push you to practice your design (and get new portfolio pieces!), but you’ll also learn tips on presenting your work and giving feedback to other designers. BRIEF’D is a one month long live class that will be February 2-26, every Tuesday night @ 6:30PM CT. I will also be hosting open office hours via video every Friday @ 12:30PM CT for live design reviews.

In this live class, I will give you fun yet challenging creative briefs that will push your skills – no matter what level you are at. Every Tuesday we will come together with a short lesson followed by live/raw design feedback on some of the projects. I will pick people to present their work to the entire class while I dive into their files to show where things can be improved. At the end of this month, if you work hard enough, you’ll not only come out as a stronger designer, but also more inspired and ready to take on whatever new project may come your way in the future.


Learn by doing via fun lessons + challenging creative briefs.

Watch live design reviews and critiques.

Learn UI design tips and tricks from a professional.

Get challenged!

Lessons/reviews will be recorded if you miss class.

2-3 new portfolio items.

Selected work featured on

BONUS: You’ll get one free month to my private Slack mentorship group!


Feb 2 @ 6:30PM CT Get the first brief.

There are a few key things that make landing pages effective and unfortunately, so many miss these things. That’s why your first brief will have you designing and learning more about how to properly design landing pages.

*There will be optional office hours every Friday @ 12:30PM CT to get feedback before the next class.

Feb 9 @ 6:30PM CT Review the 1st brief live. Get the 2nd brief.

The number one thing that makes a good design is usability. But a very close second thing is typography. This second brief will change the way you think about adding type to your designs.

*There will be optional office hours every Friday @ 12:30PM CT to get feedback before the next class.

Feb 16 @ 6:30PM CT Review the 2nd brief live. Get the final brief.

Now that you’ve learned more about spacing, margins, typography, contrast, and so many other things in these short lessons and briefs – are you ready to figure out how to design the content? It’s our most important job as UI designers. Let’s see what you got!

*There will be optional office hours every Friday @ 12:30PM CT to get feedback before the next class.

Feb 23 @ 6:30PM CT Review the final brief live.

At this point in the class, you’ve learned so much and had so much fun you’re now fueled with knowledge and inspiration to go take on some new work. Of course, that’s if you took advantage of this class.

*There will be one last optional office hour Friday @ 12:30PM CT for an AMA.


How to improve your typography skills.

Understanding spacing, margins, and grids.

How to level up as a UI designer.

The importance of story as an interface designer.

How to find your own unique design process.

Presentation skills

How to provide feedback and how to take feedback.

How to to research before a design project.

Still not sure? Listen to what previous classmates had to say:

Yucen Zhang

Design/Computer Science Student – Toronto, Ontario

Dann’s an amazing teacher and mentor. I am a strong believer to learn by doing and that’s what this course is about. The design challenges and feedback from Dann really helped to take my design to the next level. I strongly recommend this course!

Mark Bucknell

Developer (and now Designer too) – Hull, UK

As a freelance developer, I wanted to level up my UI skills to deliver better experiences for my clients. Taking Dann’s UI design class has been such an eye opener and an amazing experience. Just within the first couple of weeks I felt like I had learnt months worth of real world advice in such an easy to understand way. Putting some time aside each week to dedicate to getting better at UI design helps so much, but combining this with having the mentorship of one of the best designers out there is a no-brainer. Plus, it’s great fun!

Sara Saunders

Nurse + Designer – San Diego, CA

This course was more than I expected from Day 1! Regardless of where you are in your design journey, Dann creates an experience tailored just for you. The hands on guidance, support and wisdom that Dann provides throughout this course is invaluable. One on one support, weekly group design review sessions, mentorship, community; this course truly has it all. If you’re ready to push yourself to the next level with the support of a trusted mentor and community, this course is absolutely for you.