NEW Live Design Class


Join me live, January 5 – 29 as I teach you how to enhance your design skills in just 1 month with this intimate, organic, yet fine-tuned design class.

Yeww! It’s a new year! Let’s kick off our new years resolutions right by adding “enhance design skills” to the list. As a 15+ year professional web/app/product designer and as a former design student with a Bachelors Degree in Art, I know exactly how to help get you to that next level. This will not be a cookie cutter class, course, or whatever else there is out there. It will be fun and full of spontaneous adventure. If you’re a working professional already at any level, even senior and director level, or if you are a new designer or student, this Happy New UI class is exactly for you. Of course, that is if you are willing to put in the work and follow opportunity.

Class will be 11am – 12pm CT every Tuesday and Thursday along with a group AMA/design session every Friday. Additionally, you’ll be able to message Dann anytime with questions and you’ll be able to schedule private 1 on 1 training sessions outside of these hours if you purchase the “Class + 1 on 1 Training” package.


Fun, Easy-to-Understand Design Lessons from a Working Professional.

No mumbo jumbo here. I will not waste your time with anything you can read in a design book fluffed with techy jargon. This will be real, raw, simple to understand teachings through feedback and hands on design shadowing.

Live Class Reviews + Group Presentations

At the end of each section of the program we’ll all share our projects to the entire group and I will give feedback. We will not waste time on polished presentations, only flat, inanimate images of the work. The only exception will be the final presentation you have free range there.

1 on 1 Private Training

You’ll have access to my calendar for the ability to schedule personal 1 on 1 video calls to go over design feedback or anything related to design really. (You must schedule yourself through Dann’s personal Calendar.)

*Must upgrade to “Class + 1 on 1 Training” option

Unlimited Design Feedback

Fire over designs anytime related to this class or for your real work and get quick feedback by Dann, or the entire group if you want more feedback.

1-Month Membership to Dann’s Mentorship Group

Join a private and safe place to chat and share work with Dann and others in the mentorship group.

Certificate, Referral, and Letter to Your Boss

I will never guarantee you a job placement if you’re looking for that. However, at the end of the class I will personally email a detailed recommendation letter to my network if you’re looking for a job or I will send it to your current boss if you’re looking for a potential promotion or verification of a great completion. This isn’t automatic. I will need to see if it’s deserved. I’m very picky on who I refer as my reputation is on the line but I trust if you sign up for this you are just as determined to move forward as I am.

3-5 New Portfolio Pieces

On top of all that, you’ll come out of this class with at least 3-5 solid portfolio pieces which you can show off proudly.


Jan 4-8: The 5 key things that will make a stronger designer + forms, inputs, and more.

Uggggh forms! I know, I know. Most people dread designing forms, including myself. But, I can help you see the brighter side. Plus, before we start we’ll get to go over the 5 most important things you need to keep in mind when designing any interface. These 5 things will immediately make your designs stand out from the crowd. My goal is to ingrain them in your minds so you’ll never forget a single one of them.

Jan 11-15: How to make the perfect landing pages.

There are 5 critical things you need to keep in mind when designing landing pages. I will teach you how to recognize these things and how to include them in your future designs in order to help you create more effective landing pages. Not only are these methods critical for landing pages, but any other type of interface design as well. Sadly, so many designers get these wrong. If you design a lot of landing pages, this week will be a must.

*This could be a portfolio piece.

Jan 18-22: Content is everything. Learn how to make it work for you.

Most designers know how to structure a website but then fail on the design by not knowing what to do next with the content – the most important part of the design. Designers try to just flop on some free fonts, random images, colors, or simple patterns. Well, I’m going to teach you how to think about content and how to take your creation one gigantic step further through understanding typography and creating your own imagery when you can’t find any. I’m also going to teach you a little tip about how choosing the right image(s) sometimes is all that you need to enhance your designs.

*This could be a portfolio piece.

Jan 25-29: Final Project

In this final week, we will take everything that we have learned and use it in one final project. You know what you want to do in your future. With this final project, I will help you choose a portfolio piece to work on that helps you show off all of your capabilities, goals, and desires in one incredible project that will help direct your future opportunities.

*This could be a portfolio piece.

Still not sure? Listen to what previous classmates had to say:

Yucen Zhang

Design/Computer Science Student – Toronto, Ontario

Dann’s an amazing teacher and mentor. I am a strong believer to learn by doing and that’s what this course is about. The design challenges and feedback from Dann really helped to take my design to the next level. I strongly recommend this course!

Mark Bucknell

Developer (and now Designer too) – Hull, UK

As a freelance developer, I wanted to level up my UI skills to deliver better experiences for my clients. Taking Dann’s UI design class has been such an eye opener and an amazing experience. Just within the first couple of weeks I felt like I had learnt months worth of real world advice in such an easy to understand way. Putting some time aside each week to dedicate to getting better at UI design helps so much, but combining this with having the mentorship of one of the best designers out there is a no-brainer. Plus, it’s great fun!

Sara Saunders

Nurse + Designer – San Diego, CA

This course was more than I expected from Day 1! Regardless of where you are in your design journey, Dann creates an experience tailored just for you. The hands on guidance, support and wisdom that Dann provides throughout this course is invaluable. One on one support, weekly group design review sessions, mentorship, community; this course truly has it all. If you’re ready to push yourself to the next level with the support of a trusted mentor and community, this course is absolutely for you.