NEW! Introducing Dann’s


A small, private, and diverse community for creative professionals focused on mentorship, friendship, challenges, critiques, guidance, and fun.

Here’s what’s included:

$100 / Month
*Includes $8 Slack User Fee
*Cancel Anytime


Dann’s Private Slack Channel

Connect with other creative professionals in a private/safe community. Gain friendships, share work, get feedback, find inspiration, or just hangout.

Casual Design Feedback

Fire over designs anytime for feedback by Dann or the entire group. If you’re looking for more detailed feedback and coaching, consider the 1 on 1 Mentorship instead or purchasing a 1 on 1 review/chat.

Monthly Design Challenges

Every month Dann will provide a unique creative brief for the entire group to take part in. At the end of each month, Dann will review and share his favorites as well as asking some to present for feedback.

Group Video Chats

A few times each month Dann will spontaneously host a group video chat to answer questions, go over designs, learnings, or anything related.

Dann’s Private Podcast

Throughout the month, Dann will share his thoughts on the design industry, freelance, and entreprenship. Only members will have access. Each episode will allow for conversation.

Special Monthly Webinars

As much as we can, we’ll bring in special guests and industry leaders to come talk to the group via video chat. You’ll be able to fully participate and ask any questions whether through video or chat.

Ability to Purchase 1 on 1 Chats

Members only will have access to Dann’s calendar to purchase and schedule personal 1 on 1 video calls. These calls can be used to go over anything related to your career, for design feedback, or even for 1 on 1 private lessons.

Job Opportunity Alerts

On average, Dann connects 1-2 professionals successfully with new opportunties each month. This Slack channel has a dedicated channel for job alerts to help you find your next role.

Goals: Community, Friendship, Personal Growth, Career Growth, Opportunity, Challenges, Guidance, Coaching

$500 / Month
*Includes $8 Slack User Fee
*Cancel Anytime


All Group Benefits

This 1 on 1 Mentorship offers all the same benefits of the Community Mentorship but with so much more. Below are the extra benefits included.

Free 1 on 1 Video Chats

You’ll have access to Dann’s calendar for the ability to schedule personal 1 on 1 video calls. These calls can be used to go over design feedback or anything related to design, freelancing, etc. You may have 1 video chat per week.

Project Shadowing

Share your project files with Dann and he’ll jump in and help critique and tweak with you during a video call. Great benefit especially to you Figma users.

Personal Design Challenge

If requested, each month Dann will provide you with one design challenge customized towards your exact goals. This is optional but a great way to grow.

Career/Freelance Guidance

Do you need advice on pricing work, invoicing, setting up files, talking to clients, interviews, presentations, getting work—whatever it is, just ask.

Goals: Community, Friendship, Personal Growth, Career Growth, Opportunity, Challenges, Guidance, Coaching

NEW! Introducing Dann’s


Discover a streamline design process, improve design skills, and get access to unlimited design reviews.

Invest in your teams future through Dann’s Team Mentorship. Get unlimited access to everything he’s learned over the years working from teams of all sizes along with a personalized plan to help your team grow.

Still not sure? Listen to what other members had to say:


Zohaib Amjad

Project ManagFreelance Web/App Designer – Lahore, Pakistaner

Dann checks the two most important boxes for me: super-talented and super-helpful. I’m on day 20 of the 1-month program and I was completely sold on the very first week. Learning from the internet and figuring out what’s right with all the conflicting viewpoints is really hard. This was the reason I could never complete my portfolio website. Dann is the real deal. Instead of gatekeeping and holding on to any information, he shares it openly and finds ways to motivate and bring the best out of you.

I’ll definitely be staying in, even if I land my perfect career goal. I can ask quick questions to get the most authentic answers, schedule 1-on-1’s, the community is great, and the weekly calls are super helpful. If I had to put monetary value to this program, even $1,000 wouldn’t be enough considering how much this has transformed my thinking. For now I should refrain from giving Dann these ideas and stick to the super discounted price.

It’s been an honor to get to know Zohaib during the first month of mentorship. Always a delight when his little kids pop up on the video calls. If anyone is needing help with creative solutions on UX, Zohaib in someone to contact. – Dann

I recommend reaching out to Zohaib for your next UX heavy website.


Marko Ilic

Freelance Web Designer – Cacak, Republic of Serbia

Mentoring with Dann has saved me plenty of time and brought clarity to many of the questions. It helped me straighten my vision as well as what to focus in my craft.

Marko is one of those incredibly talented designers that just needed a boost in his confidence. I got the biggest joy out of hoping into Figma with him to collaborate on real projects. I guarentee after this mentorship, Marko will never have another typography “widow” on his designs. – Dann

I recommend reaching out to Marko for your next landing page design.



UI/UX Designer – Himachal, India

Getting access to Dann has been a game-changer. Both 1-on-1 and group meetings have been filled with great nuggets of advice that you never really otherwise hear but once you do, the prior way of doing it seems very stupid.

He not only provided smart insights into building portfolio, designing, looking for work, but also went far and beyond in helping me meet the right people.

Probably one of the best things I spend my money on in 2020.

Aman is going to be one of the next great designers every knows. Just watch. – Dann

I recommend reaching out to Aman for your next web design project.


Brett Anderson

Web/Mobile App Designer + Educator – Orange County, California

Dann doesn’t hold back; he gives all of his time and energy into cultivating a positive environment. He genuinely wants the best for you and looks for opportunities to push you to be better and reach higher. Dann’s encouragement has helped me reflect on where I want to go as a manager and designer.

Brett is a very motivated designer and manager and would make a great addition to any team. – Dann

I recommend reaching out to Brett for any manager role.


Levi Jones

Lead Product Designer at Tithely – Pasadena, CA

I just finished my first month in Dann’s mentorship. It’s so cool to be able to get advice and learn from someone with a rep like his, and Dann genuinely just wants to see us grow. Being in this mentorship group hasn’t just helped me with design but Dann gives practical and applicable advice to life in general whether you’re dealing with a tough coworker, having trouble managing time, or anything, he’s got your back.

Levi is leader. Straight up. He takes action. He’s also a talented designer, thinker, and knows Webflow. – Dann

I recommend reaching out Levi for your next freelance design project.


Dylan Kiley

UX/UI Designer at CVS – Rhode Island

Dann’s mentorship program has been invaluable for helping me improve my design skills. He’s been able to help me improve in ways I didn’t even anticipate, and give advice i’ve never seen or heard from anywhere else. Dann’s always able to give incredible and informed feedback on everything from designs, career advice, and freelancing tips. I can’t recommend this program enough.

Dylan is one of the most enthusastic designer’s that I’ve ever met. Super talented. Smart. Great listener. Highly motivated. Driven. He’s definitely a great addition to any design team. – Dann

I recommend reaching out Dylan to becoming part of your design team.


Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan

Lead Engineer – Los Angeles, CA

Participating in Dann’s Mentorship Community was one of the most influential things to level-up my design abilities. I’m a product engineer that is comfortable wire-framing and prototyping products and features, but my design sensibility has always been lacking. Working with Dann has helped frame my thinking around design to bring a professional polish to my work. I would highly recommend Dann’s Mentorship Community for designers at any stage.

Tobin was working on a new company and I got to work him through video on design reviews and helped him and his team tweak some designs within quick 30 min calls – so much fun!

I recommend using what Tobin is building (I will be. More info soon.)