Design challenge: Design a landing page, app, or logo!


I’m going to start giving out some fun, fictional design briefs to help you practice your design skills, add more work to your portfolios, and to help you get noticed. For each brief, I will hand select some of the submissions to feature here on the site and also on Twitter. If you’re a part of my Mentorship Group, I will give you design feedback as well to help you learn and to push your designs even further.

The last design brief challenge I did was SPACED Challenge. That challenge had over 1000 submissions and 2 of the top 10 landed HUGE, and I mean HUGE, new jobs after being noticed from the challenge. That’s something I’d love to see us do again!

Ok, time to get started. All designs must be submitted by January 15th.

Here’s your fictional design brief:

Client – Watercard®:

Watercard® (company I made up) is a debit card where after every purchase you make, a pre-set % will be donated to help bring clean drinking water to your destination of choice. Watercard® also matches your %, doubling the amount of water given to those in need of clean drinking water. Almost 800 million people in the world live without clean water. That’s nearly 1 out of every 10 people. That is not ok.

Designs needed:

  • Logo/Branding: We need a logo that sums up who we are and our mission at hand. Something simple and recognizable.
  • Debit Card Design: Need this. We want to stand out in someones hands as they are paying. We want others to be like “Whoa, I must know about that card!” 😃
  • Landing Page: We need a landing page that informs our potential customers about the benefits of using our card. The main reason being almost 800 million people in the world live without clean water and we are here to help make that number much smaller. We need a place where people can see the locations across the world we currently serve and how much water has been giving. We want people to know how much good they can do and how much good has already been done. The main call-to-action will be signing up to get the card.
  • App: We need an app that will allow our customers to check their balances and see how much water they have provided daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and total over all. The app will also allow them to set their % and change as often as they need. There can even be a simple call-to-action that allows you to turn off the % feature for prior to certain purchases.

Words that describe Watercard®:

  • for good
  • charity, global
  • happy
  • kind
  • organic
  • natural

Target audience:

  • All humans.

Things to know:

  • We DON’T want to be confused for Charity Water (a fantastic company). No yellow!
  • We prefer more natural tones and like the idea of a bright accent color.
  • We DON’T want new plastic in the world. If you choose to make a plastic debit card, please be sure to let everyone know it was from recycled bottles.

Deliverables and Due Date:

Please provide easy access to a JPG/PNG file of your work by January 15. To submit your work, use the hashtag #WATERCARDchallenge on either Twitter, Instagram, or Dribbble. I will find it there and pick some stand outs to share here and on Twitter.

Remember, if you want feedback, consider joining the Mentorship Group!

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